About the HBSASC Scholarship Fund

Dear HBS Colleague,

We all recognize the education, career advancement, and networking opportunities that HBS has provided in our lives.  We are confident that you do indeed see the value that HBS brings not only to yourself, but also to the lives of others.  This year, the HBSASC Scholarship Fund is again asking for your help.

We respectfully request your financial assistance for our annual Scholarship Fund Campaign.  Though you may have donated in the past, for which we thank you, there still is a real and substantial need for you to give again today.  Currently, an HBS education costs over $100,000 and over 30% of HBS students graduate with more than $70,000 of debt.  Loan repayment often accounts for 20% of a recent graduate’s after tax salary – up to $1,000 per month.  As you may have personally experienced, the debt level occasioned by a Harvard Business School education is so burdensome that career choices are often made based on salary, not aspiration or inspiration.

Last year, our Scholarship Fund gave $75,000 to HBS, which supports seven to nine Southern California students at an average grant of $9,000 each.  Thank you letters we received from recipients give testament to the importance to these students of the partial relief from debt our grants provide.

We take pride in the intimacy that distinguishes our Fund.  Those local HBS graduates who donate are a small group (listed in the margin) that gets to know the recipients.  Those of us who give $100 or more are invited to our annual Springtime Wine Tasting Party with student recipients, the HBSASC Board, and the Trustees of the Scholarship Fund.

Please take this opportunity to contribute to the HBS community by making a contribution to the HBSASC Scholarship Fund to lighten the financial burden of Harvard Business School students from Southern California and allow them to make career choices born of passion, not necessity.  All gifts are tax deductible, and all, no matter how small, are meaningful.

Very truly yours,

George G. Strong, Jr.
HBSASC Scholarship Fund

To make a donation send checks to:
Business School Association of Southern California Scholarship Fund
c/o George G. Strong, Jr.
Cornerstone Research
633 West Fifth Street, 31st Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90071-2300

Click here to see our Scholarship Fund Board and Donors

Questions?  Call Carol Snyder at 213-553-2538 or email her at csnyder@cornerstone.com