Submit A Project For Consideration

Client and Project Guidelines

Client Criteria:

  • Public sector or 501 (c) (3) status with a mission that benefits the community
  • A minimum of 3 paid staff members with a board of directors
  • An annual budget of a least $500,000
  • Sustained staff involvement to enable a team to carry a project through to completion

Project Criteria:

  • Deals with business-related issues within the organization like strategic planning, organizational development, finance or marketing
  • Scaled and focused so it can be completed by a team of 2-4 volunteers within 3-6 months
  • MUST EXCLUDE direct fundraising activities (volunteers may assist clients to plan and organize such activities)

Project Implementation Guidelines:

  • Each project is defined and agreed upon with the client prior to start-up in an engagement letter
  • A Project Team Leader is designated prior to start-up, with responsibility for guiding project completion
  • Each project is overseen by a Steering Committee member
  • A final report (oral and/or written) is made to client management and/or the Board of Directors
  • A team will not implement recommendations, but may accept a follow-on project