Alumni Talk: Backside Lunar Observatory with Myron Kayton

Sunday, March 24th @ 5:00pm
Location: Proud Bird Restaurant, 11022 Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045

On Sunday evening March 24, 2013  Myron Kayton will talk about a Backside Lunar Observatory.  Thus far, all manned operations have been on the front side of the Moon, facing Earth.  A backside observatory would be shielded from radio emissions of Earth by the mass of the Moon, hence permitting the detection of ever-fainter emissions from stars.  He will talk about the properties of the Moon and its orbit, the advantages of a back-side observatory, the means of landing a robotic observatory on the backside and of servicing it.  He will talk about methods of sending data to Earth from the backside.  Because all the Western nations are poor and debt-ridden, an observatory will require international cooperation, probably including India and China. Dr. Kayton has written and lectured about a backside observatory for nearly ten years.

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Talk will be at the Proud Bird restaurant, 11022 Aviation Boulevard at the eastern threshold of runway 25L at LAX. The restaurant is on the east side of Aviation Blvd (not Airport Blvd) between Imperial Highway and Century Boulevard north of the intersection of the I-405 and I-105 freeways.   Landing jetliners are visible just outside the restaurant’s windows. Soundproofing allows lectures to be heard easily. Restaurant phone is 310-670-3815.   Dinner and talk cost $42 per member; same for guests; and $46 per non-member, non-guests.  Lecture only will cost $10 per member, $15 per guest.  Schedule will be:
5 PM registration
6 PM dinner
7:15 lecture
8:15 discussion
The Proud Bird is a virtual aviation museum.  The interior is covered with photos of pioneer aviators such as Donald Douglas, Jack Northrop, Bill Lear, Kelly Johnson, Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, and Howard Hughes plus numerous Hollywood hangers-on.  On the lawn outside the dining area is a collection of World War I and II American, German, and British fighter planes.  A path takes visitors right up to the aircraft. You will be impressed by how small these aircraft are. Myron Kayton is a semi-retired engineer specializing in vehicle electronics.  He worked on numerous aircraft navigation and avionic systems, was Deputy Manager of the Lunar Module electronics at NASA Houston, was System Engineer for Space Shuttle Avionics at TRW, and was Chief Engineer for the European Spacelab’s avionics in France, among dozens of other projects. He is a former President of the Harvard Club of Southern California.
To sign up, please send your name, phone number, Club affiliation, class, and a check to Myron Kayton at PO Box 802, Santa Monica 90406.  Select chicken or salmon dinner. No confirmations will be sent: tickets will be waiting at the door of the meeting room.  Reservations for dinner are essential before 20 March so the restaurant can serve us.  For more information, email or call 310-286-0059.

Cost: Dinner and talk cost $42 per member; same for guests; and $46 per non-member, non-member guests.  Lecture only will cost $10 per member, $15 per guest. Parking is free.
Contact: Myron Kayton, or call 310-286-0059

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