Frequently Asked Questions...

We have included below some frequently asked questions around sign in, profiles, membership, events, volunteering, and club management.   Contact us at or at 310-546-5252 for anything we have not covered here. 

Sign In:

  1. If I am an Alumni and I don't know my LEFA what do I do?  LEFAs are generally your first initial and last  For example, Jane Smith who graduated from MBA program in 1983 is  While John Jones who atteneded the 67th OPM program would be
  2. I still can't figure out my LEFA?  Call HBS at 617-495-6438 and they can help you.
  3. I can't remember my password for LEFA?  Call HBS at 617-495-6438 or click here to go to the LEFA administration site on the web. 
  4. Can I sign in as a non-alumni if I can't remember my LEFA?  You could.  But you shouldn't.  You would then end up with duplicate records and we would not be able to properly track your membership and alumni status when you sign up for events that are alumni only or member pricing.
  5. But I need to sign up for an event today and HBS is closed?  Call our offices and sign up by phone -- we will be happy to get you set up.  You can reach us at 310-546-5252.
  6. Why should I sign in if I am not an alumni?  It just helps us keep your profile so that you can sign up for events faster and easier.  And if you want to keep informed about what we are doing you can let us know.


  1. How do I create a profile?  Login and follow the links in the upper left corner to create and update your profile.
  2. How do I update my profile?  Login and follow the links in the upper left corner to update your profile.
  3. What do you use my profile for?  The profile information is used in the directory and to update school records.  We will also be using your profile to create special programs and user groups to better meet the needs of our alumni.  The more complete information you give the better we will be alble to serve you.
  4. Can I keep all or parts of my profile private?  Yes.  Follow the instructions or call our offices at 310-546-5252 and we can assist you in this matter.
  5. Why should I sign up if I am not an alumni?  It helps us better serve your needs the next time you sign up for an event.


  1. How many members are in HBSASC?  500-600 at most times.
  2. How many alumni are served by the club?  Over 2500.
  3. Can I join if I went to one of the Exec Education Programs?  Absolutely! all graduates of any program are welcome.
  4. How do I join?  Follow the membership link on the navigation bar, pick a membership level that suits you and follow the instructions.  You may also join by calling our offices at 310-546-5252.
  5. What is a joint membership with the Harvard Club of Southern California?  For an extra $20 you can enjoy member benefits with both HBSASC and the broader Harvard Club.
  6. What are the member benefits?  Access to our directory, special members only event, discounts to events, and special offers for members offered by sponsors and the school.
  7. Why should I join?  Aside from the benefits mentioned above -- we need your support.  We receive no funding from the school and rely on membership dollars to support our club and its infrastructure that is necessary to keep us an active and vibrant part of our alumnis' lives.
  8. I live in Los Angeles but work in Orange County, which club do I join?  You join the club where you live generally.  Which in this case would be HBSASC.  HBSASC, HBSAOC, and HBS San Diego have agreed to give members of another Southern California club member rates at events hosted by one of the other Southern California Clubs.
  9. I am a member of HBSAOC or HBS San Diego and cannot sign up to event as a member.  Call our offices at 310-546-5252 and we will set you up with a member ID once we verify that you are an active member of one of the other clubs.


  1. Must I be a member to sign up?  No.  Most events offer member pricing and non member pricing.
  2. Can I receive a refund?  We can usually accomodate refunds when an event is cancelled 24 hours in advance.  There is a small handling fee associated with processing the refund (we are charged it by the credit card company).  We will note if there are exceptions to this rule on the event.
  3. How do I request a refund?  Call our offices at 310-546-5252.
  4. Can I pay at the door?  Most events can accomodate this for a slight premium.  However, events do sell out and sometimes circumstances do not allow for this.  We will note our specific policy on an event by event basis.
  5. When you list other events -- do we get member rates?  Many times other schools will accomodate our alumni at member rates.  We will note on each event what the rate is for our members.
  6. What is the dress code?  Usually business or business casual for networking events.  However, this is LA, so unless we specify a dress code -- we would just hope you are tastefully dressed and with shoes.
  7. I have an idea for an event?  Fantastic!  Call us at 310-546-5252 or email our club president Jodi Yang at and we will get back to you.
  8. What kind of events do you do?  All kinds.  Networking.  Topical B-School oriented topics.  Cultural Events.  Sporting events.  Family events.  You have an idea -- we will listen to it.
  9. Do events include food and drink?  Most of our events are after work so we like to have at least some light appetizers for our guests.  Usually we offer free coffee, ice tea, tea, and water and have a no-host bar for other beverages.  We will normally specify what you can expect in the invitation.


  1. How do I volunteer for the club?  Either call us at 310-546-5252, email us at  We always need volunteers!
  2. Do you need volunteers?  Absolutely!  Event planning, emails, membership, website, financials... you name it, we can use you.  Just let us know what you want to do and how flexible your time and schedule is and we will accomodate you.
  3. Do I get paid to volunteer?  As a volunteer myself -- I must, sadly, say no.  We are not in a financial position to pay volunteers.
  4. Then why volunteer?  Volunteering has many benefits including networking with other volunteers and club officers and the Board.  You are more connected with the school and what is going on there.  And many times when you are setting up events or volunteering in other ways you make many good connections that will help in all facets of your life.

Club Management:

  1. What is the calendar year for HBSASC?  August 1 - July 31.
  2. Are you a non-profit?  We are currently a 501(c)(4) or a business association non profit.
  3. How long do Officers serve?  Officers terms are for 1 year.  Many positions can be renewed at the option of the Officer and the Board.
  4. How long are Board terms?  Board terms are 3 years and may be renewed at the Option of the Club President and Nominating Committee.
  5. What is the Nominating Committee?  The Current President and two most Recent Past Presidents.
  6. How do I get on the Board?  We generally request that you get involved with the club as a volunteer first.  As positions become available we look to our pool of volunteers for open board seats.
  7. What do I have to do if I am on the Board?  We ask Board Members to be active.  Help set up an event, make contacts with speakers, help us with exclusive venues, take on a committee role. 
  8. How much time does it take to be an Officer or Board Member?  Officer roles vary based on time of year and what role you have.  Generally you can expect 4-6 hours per week.  Remember you can volunteer for much less time commitment.  Board Members should expect to spend 5 hours per month on average on their Board duties.
  9. How many Board meetings are there a year?  3-4
  10. How do you work with the school?  Through a variety of vehicles.  There is a club liaison appointed by the school to assist the club.  There is a resource directory published online as well.  The Club Officers have regular contact with the Harvard Business School Alumni Board as well as HAA and HBS Event Coordinators.  Generally, Officers and volunteers will contact Professors directly about visits.  Finally, the School holds an annual Club Officers Roundtable in Boston each spring.