Renew Your Membership...

If you renew before your current membership expires you will receive a discount.  Please maintain your annual membership to support the Club and its activities on behalf of its Alumni.  Please contact us at 424-208-4173 if you have any problems renewing your membership or have questions. 

TERMS OF AUTORENEW: After activating the autorenew feature on this website by checking the box, your membership will automatically renew itself 1 day prior to expiration. This is the easiest way to stay current with your membership. Recurring charges will be made to your credit card and that amount may change in the future. This subscription will continue until you cancel. See the Cancellation Policy below. Please note we do not store your credit card information on this website; we only keep track of the last four digits of your card number for reference. We simply inform the company in charge of credit card transactions to your bank that you want them to permit the renewal option. They guarantee the security. To clarify - your credit card number is NEVER stored on our servers.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The autorenew feature on this website can be cancelled at any time as per the instructions below in "How to Cancel Autorenew". Once the autorenew feature has been deactivated, it can only be reinstated at the time you sign up for new or renewing membership.

HOW TO CANCEL AUTORENEW: Please send an email to with the subject title “Autorenew Cancel”, and in the body of the email your full name, email address and LEFA. You will then be sent an email shortly thereafter to confirm your autorenew feature has been cancelled.